Donatella Versace and her Career and Signature Designs

Donatella Versace has been a household name for decades now. Born in 1959 and raised by her brother, Gianni Versace, Donatella was trained to follow in his footsteps from a young age. While she began working with him at the company as an assistant and PR manager, it wasn’t until after his murder that she took the reins as Creative Director of Versace. Even today, 20 years later, Donatella is still leading the brand with success. They say imitation is the sincerest form of and that is certainly true when it comes to Donatella’s designs. Her attention to detail is what makes her so successful.

1998: Versace Unleashed

A decade after taking over from her brother, Donatella unleashed her first collection for Versace. She wanted to honour Gianni, his legacy and the late 90s, and the collection was best described as a “retrospective of all things Versace”. Her designs were a nod to Gianni, but also included some of her own unique touches. As one of the most successful designers of all time, Donatella has had a number of iconic looks throughout her career as Creative Director of Versace. This particular collection is often remembered for its vibrant colours and bold patterns; it was a fresh new look for the company and a perfect way to honour the late Gianni.

2002: Bright and Bold

Donatella’s love for bright and bold colours continued with her 2002 Spring/Summer collection. As well as her love for strong colours, this collection also showcased her love for the ‘80s and its eclectic trends. Pieces in this collection include high-waisted, colourful leggings, bold, printed tracksuits and, of course, classic Versace Medusa Headpieces. This collection was bold and bright, but it also showed off Donatella’s love for retro designs. It was a great collection that stood out from the rest but also had a stylish and retro feel to it. Donatella’s love for retro designs continued in her next collection, her 2002 Fall/Winter collection. This time, she went for a more sophisticated look and included pieces like Baroque-inspired gowns and Renaissance-style embroidery. This collection was a nod to Versace’s Italian heritage and it featured a lot of dark colours.

2005: Swimsuit Collection

Swimsuits are an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe; they’re a great option for every season, whether you’re lounging by the pool in the summer or relaxing by the fire with friends in the winter. Donatella’s 2005 swimsuit collection was a huge hit and featured bold, colourful prints and patterns that were reminiscent of her retro designs. Donatella’s love for retro designs continued with her 2005 Fall/Winter collection. This time, she went for a more sophisticated look and featured pieces like Baroque-inspired gowns and Renaissance-style embroidery that was a nod to Versace’s Italian heritage. Despite the more sophisticated look, however, she still kept her unique design style that made her such a success.

2006: Donatella’s Signature Look

As well as being a fashion designer, Donatella is also a model. It can be difficult to work on your own designs while also fulfilling the role of a model, but Donatella manages to do both with ease. Donatella is most well-known for her bold fashion choices and bright, vibrant colours. While mixing vibrant colours into your designs is common, it’s not always done in the most stylish way. Donatella managed to mix bold colours in a way that made her designs unique. She was able to match together bold colours in a way that was not only stylish but also eye-catching. Her bold fashion choices were a huge part of her success and helped her earn her title as a world-famous designer.

2010: Donatella’s Legacy

Donatella’s legacy at Versace is very clear; she took over in 1997 and since then has designed some of the most iconic looks in fashion history. Her designs are bright, bold and full of they’re the perfect combination of elegance and fun. Donatella’s legacy will continue with the release of a documentary called House of Versace. The documentary is set to be released in the fall of 2019 and will be a behind-the-scenes look at the world of Versace. It will dive deep into the company’s history while also examining Donatella’s role as Creative Director of Versace.


Donatella Versace and her designs are a staple in the fashion industry. She’s been making bold and beautiful clothes for decades now and has become one of the most well-known designers in the world. Her bold and bright designs have made her famous, and her love for retro designs has helped her create a unique and eye-catching style. Donatella has had a successful career as a designer, but it all began with her late brother, Gianni, whom she worked with and succeeded in his footsteps. Even though Donatella has no plans of retiring any time soon, it’s clear that her fashion legacy will live on for decades to come.