Children's Fashion in the 1970s

When it comes to fashion, the 1970s are known for their bold and often outlandish style. Men and women alike experimented with new fads, from leopard print to platform shoes. When it came to children’s fashion, however, the decade saw a more subdued tone. Designers produced clothing that was comfortable and practical rather than flashy or over-the-top. In this article, we explore the trends of children’s fashion in the 1970s and how designers were inspired by nature rather than nightclubs.

Women’s Fashion in the 1970s

Women’s fashion in the 70s was about comfort and ease. Designers were inspired by the ease of jeans and denim shirts and the functionality of military and sailor-style clothing. Fashionable women wore loose-fitting shirts with wide collars and cuffs, long wide-legged denims, and calf-length boots. They also embraced natural fabrics, wearing knits and woven fabrics that were silky, soft, or crisp. Wide-brimmed hats and big sunglasses were also popular with women during the decade.

Men’s Fashion in the 1970s

The bold colors and styles of the 60s were toned down in the 70s and 70s men’s fashion was all about simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. Designers took inspiration from work wear, military, and sporting garments. This meant that men’s clothing was boxy and had a lot of pockets. The most popular fabrics were denim, corduroy, and shearling. Topped off with color-blocking, safari-style khaki, and navy blue, men’s fashion was all about utility. Clothing featured collars, ribbed cuffs, and wide leg openings that were designed to be rolled up.

Children’s Fashion in the 1970s

Children’s fashion in the 70s was dominated by the use of nature-inspired colors and fabrics, especially browns and greens. Designers used these muted tones to create unisex clothing that both boys and girls could wear. It was common to see boys and girls wearing the same garments. This included child-sized versions of adult clothing, such as jeans and khaki shorts. Youngsters also wore overalls and tunics that were decorated with woodland creatures and other images inspired by nature. In terms of fabrics, children’s fashion in the 70s was all about comfort and ease. Designers created clothing using fabrics such as corduroy, terry cloth, knits, and velvet.

Themes of Children’s Fashion in the 70s

The 70s was all about the love of nature and animals. Designers used images of woodland creatures, flowers, and butterflies printed on clothing and accessories. Designers also used natural fabrics and earth-toned colors to create clothing that was relaxed and easy to wear. Children’s fashion in the 70s was also about being comfortable with who you are and who you want to be. Designers created pieces that allowed children to express their personality and creativity. The 70s were a decade that celebrated children being themselves and finding themselves through fashion.

Decorated Denim and Shaggy Flares

Denim was a fabric that was very popular in the 70s. Designers used denim for children’s and adult's clothing, creating denim jeans, denim jackets, denim shirts, and denim jumpers. Denim was decorated with a plethora of designs, from pictures of animals and retro toys to flowers, hearts, and peace symbols. Denim was also decorated with colored stitching and fringing. Denim was often combined with corduroy, creating shaggy flares, wide flares, and bell bottoms.

Bows, Bangles and Beanies

One accessory that was very popular with children and adults in the 70s was the bow. Bows were worn as hair accessories, on bags and shoes, and as brooches. They were designed with animals, flowers, and hearts. Another popular accessory was the beaded or wooden bracelet. They were often worn with ethnic-style tunics, shirts, and dresses and designed with wooden or metal beads. Beanies were common among children and adults. They were knitted or crocheted and decorated with flowers, hearts, and peace signs.

Wrapped Up In Warm Coats

Coats were a popular garment for both children and adults in this decade. They were often made from velvet or corduroy and decorated with flowers, hearts, and bows. They were worn both with casual and smart outfits. Raincoats were also popular and often decorated with rainbows or hearts. Children and adults also wore fur coats during the 70s. They were designed with bold colours, animal prints, or rainbow colours. They were often worn with colourful knitwear and headpieces.

Furry Friend Conclusion

Children’s fashion in the 70s was dominated by the rise of the Teddy Bear. Teddy Bears were popular children’s toys throughout the century, but during this decade, they were also used as a decorative item on clothing and in jewelry. Teddy Bears were often printed on jumpers, coats, hats, and bags. They were also made into costumes for children to wear. Teddy Bears were popular because they were a symbol of childhood, a reminder that you’re never too old to play. Designers also used other animals, like frogs and foxes, on clothing and accessories. Children’s fashion in the 70s was all about being yourself and allowing your personality to shine through. Designers created clothing that was colorful, emotive, and unisex, allowing all children, no matter their gender, to be themselves.