British Fashion Trends in the 1980s

The 1980s was the decade that made fashion fun again and produced some very memorable fashion trends. From neon to leggings as pants, and double denim to New Romanticism, it was a decade that will never be forgotten for its distinctive style statements. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular British fashion trends from this nostalgic decade.

Double Denim

Double denim was one of the most popular fashion trends in the ‘80s. It was seen as cool and edgy to wear two different denim articles, even if they didn’t match. Double denim was initially intended as a trend for men, but women soon caught on. It was a trend that was around for decades, so it can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe today if you want a retro look.


Neon was a popular trend in ‘80s fashion for both men and women. It was a vivid, synthetic colour that was used in everything from clothing to shoes and accessories. Neon was especially popular among teens and young adults in the ‘80s. It is a trend that has made a comeback in recent years, and you can even find neon clothing for babies and toddlers. Neon is a bold and fun fashion choice that is best suited to casual outfits. You can wear neon tops, trousers, shoes, belts, and accessories to make a bold outfit statement. Be careful when choosing neon colours because they can be very eye-catching. You’ll want to make sure you’re wearing the right shade of neon for your skin tone.

Leggings as Pants

Leggings were popular for casual wear in the ‘80s, but some people decided to wear them as pants regardless of the occasion. This was common at the time and was seen as a practical way for women to get more use out of their existing wardrobe. The trend was criticised for being lazy fashion, although some women said they liked the idea of being able to wear leggings in any situation. Leggings were a popular casual wear trend in the ‘80s, and they continue to be popular today. They began to replace stockings and tights in the early ‘80s, and they are now worn as everyday casual wear and for sports and exercise.

Baggy Trousers

Baggy trousers were a trend that came out of the breakdancing and hip-hop scenes. Loose-fitting trousers were a staple of streetwear, and they were often combined with basketball jerseys. Baggy trousers were a practical choice because they were easy to move in. You could find them in both denim and synthetic materials. Loose-fitting pants were often worn with a T-shirt and sneakers, but they could also be matched with hoodies and sports shoes for a more casual look. Baggy trousers are a little less common today, but you can still find them in stores. Jeans are often worn loose, so you can also create a baggy look by buying them in a looser fit. You can also buy looser-fitting trousers online. Loose-fitting trousers are a good option if you want to hide larger legs or if you’re trying to dress in a more casual style.

New Romanticism

New Romanticism was a trend that began in the ‘70s and lasted well into the ‘80s. It was a trend that was primarily associated with men, but women also wore New Romantic-inspired fashion. New Romanticism was a futuristic trend inspired by science fiction and pop culture. It was often characterised by bold and vibrant colours, geometric patterns, and intricate designs. New Romanticism was most commonly seen in clothing, but it was also evident in hairstyles, makeup, and even furniture. Those who followed the trend would often wear white-colored clothing with coloured accessories like belts, shoes, or bags. New Romanticism was a trend that was popular with clubbers and the “beautiful people”.

‘80s Footwear

The ‘80s was a decade that saw a lot of changes in footwear. Pumps and stilettos were worn by fashionable women, while brogues and oxfords were popular with men. The decade also saw the rise of athletic shoes and running shoes with rubber soles. Athletic shoes were often worn with sportswear and casual clothing, while rubber soles were commonly found on formal shoes. High-top basketball shoes were popular with teens and young adults, while penny loafers and moccasins were worn by businessmen and older adults. Lace-up shoes were common among all groups, although some people wore slip-on shoes. There were many different styles of footwear available in the ‘80s, so you can easily incorporate retro footwear into your wardrobe today. You can also add accessories like leg warmers, leg socks, and wristbands to create a retro look.

The Conclusion

The ‘80s was a decade that is widely remembered for its bold and colorful fashion trends. From neon and double denim to New Romanticism and baggy trousers, the ‘80s saw many memorable fashion moments. While many of these trends were popular for only a few years, they’ve had lasting impacts on fashion. If you want to wear retro fashion, you can easily incorporate many of these ‘80s trends into your wardrobe today.